Welcome to Ergo, a svbtle inspired theme

This is a small example post of stuff you can do with the ergo theme. We'll try to represent all possible markdown and shortcode combinations here so you can develop easily.

Here's some lists

  1. We can also order lists
    1. And nesting here works too
    2. We can do whatever we want!
  2. And drop back to the original indentation.



Smaller still!

Can't really get much smaller than this

Even if you try
It won't do anything

We can also italicize stuff, or make it bold.


Want some Rust code? We got Rust code.

// `vst` uses macros, so we'll need to specify that we're using them!
extern crate vst;

// We're implementing a trait `Plugin` that does all the VST-y stuff for us.
impl Plugin for Whisper {
    fn get_info(&self) -> Info {
        Info {
            name: "Whisper".to_string()

We can also add a filename to our code blocks which is super useful when providing tutorials, etc. Here's some HTML we can insert into our markdown file right before the code block. (Meta, right?)

<div class='filename'>

If we want, we can also specify inline code which is useful for the small stuff.

Horizontal rules

We have them!


Language is a process of free creation; its laws and principles are fixed, but the manner in which the principles of generation are used is free and infinitely varied. Even the interpretation and use of words involves a process of free creation.
-- Noam Chomsky


with yt(id="the_id_here")


with vm(id="id_here")

Of Course


You can make tables in markdown, too! Who would have thought. Are these styled yet?

First HeaderSecond Header
Content CellContent Cell
Content CellContent Cell

Foldable Text

Title 1

Content 1 Content 1 Content 1 Content 1 Content 1

Title 2

Content 2 Content 2 Content 2 Content 2 Content 2

We can do that like this:

    <summary>Title 1</summary>
    <p>Content 1 Content 1 Content 1 Content 1 Content 1</p>